Little Learners Educational Bundle

Little Learners Educational Bundle

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Our little learners educational bundle includes a variety of items perfect for teaching your child numbers, colours and shapes. 

Teaching children about colors and shapes is a great way to give them some vocabulary for describing the world around them. This opens up new and exciting avenues for verbal communication.

As children learn to identify colors and shapes, they can sort and classify objects around them based on these attributes. 

As it turns out, colors and shapes are a key way that we describe and categorize our world. Learning through sensory play with toys such as the ones in the bundle are not only fun for your child but educational as well! 

This bundle includes: 

  • shapes/colours dimple
  • dimple digit
  • pop it calculator
  • 2 x pop tubes
  • hairy tangle

This pack is also available as the MEGA educational bundle and includes everything in this bundle + a puzzle pop It! The mega bundle is available via a seperate listing.